Wealth Management


At a glance

Long term relationships built on mutual trust and confidence

During more than 50 years of existence as a Swiss bank, BCP has mastered the art of providing professional counseling and management of financial assets for individuals and institutions.

BCP provides high-quality Wealth Management services through a variety of financial instruments and products. Our team of portfolio managers is able to make the most appropriate choices among the wide range of investment possibilities available in the international marketplace.

But, what really makes us different is BCP’s expertise both in the traditional financial markets as well as our extensive knowledge of developing markets. This expertise provides us with the means to propose the most creative investment opportunities to open up our clients' financial horizons, regardless of the size of their portfolio.

“At BCP, we guide our clients in this risky investment world. We endeavor to meet their objectives and ensure that their portfolios are properly tailored to meet their expectations”.