Wealth Management


Investment approach

An advice-driven approach as opposed to a products-driven one

Our approach is to respond to your financial needs rather than selling you
in-house products.

BCP is not interested in selling primarily its own products but in providing the clients with the best available financial products from all over the world in order to build the portfolio that corresponds to their individual needs, with a particular emphasis on the risk level that they want, or can afford to take.

BCP has deliberately chosen this entirely advice-driven approach which presents the major advantage of avoiding a conflict of interest between the Bank and the client, as well as offering every client a
tailor-made service. Consequently, the number of clients that can be serviced by each one of our relationship managers is deliberately limited.

In an ever more volatile and risky financial environment, it is important to be served by a bank which will not push you to take risks that you do not wish to take.